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______________________________________________________________ presents: Lady Surrender
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The Temptress entrances you with each word and seduces your cock to become aroused… so aroused…
Slip away from your worries and become Entranced as I entice you to step into My elevator.
Step in… and as I count down the floors of the elevator, deepening your trance with every number and… increasing your cock arousal with every number…
Until you reach ground floor… and your arousal becomes deliciously overwhelming… and your mind… empty and oh so easily Mine.
When the elevator doors open, you and I, are in your hypnotic room… where I wander through the pathways of your subconscious mind, taking control control of your mind and your cock.
My will, My pleasure…
Now… choose any recording to listen to after this Entranced Induction and I will become your obsession, your Temptress, your Seductress. You will become My slave and My pleasure toy.

Seductive Whispered (ASMR) intro and ending, Layered tracks, Theta Brain wave music, Countdown from 10 to 1 deepening and arousal commands, mindless obedience, thought erasure, Hypnotic Suggestions to programme your trance and your Arousal, Post Hypnotic Suggestions, Echo sound effects.
No awakening instructions.

Use this induction if you easily slip into hypnotic trance. Choose my “Deepening Hypnosis” MP3 for deep, methodical brainwashing if you have trouble switching off your thoughts or if you want to experience transformational hypnosis (that is – if you want to live openly as gay/sissy/tg).

14 mins of Subconscious conditioning

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